The Company

Joeycash Engineering, registered as a business entity in 2003, swung into full operations in 2004, and by 2005 was incorporated under the companies and allied act of 1990. The company who is over 10 years is committed to offer very high and efficient services in steel designs, fabrication and installation of all forms of billboard advertising structures ranging from: Unipoles, Gantries, LEDs, Mobile Truck adverts, Lampposts’, Backlits, Rooftops, and all forms of street furniture.

Over the years, outdoor advertising has helped to build major brands, helping them pass across their messages not only to their loyal customers, but also to prospective customers. It has evolved over the years from banners, posters, fliers etc to billboards and evolving from just static boards to LCDs and LEDs boards. We efficiently build these products having quality at the forefront of all of our products and solutions.


As our slogan goes- Innovation & Professionalism, we at Joeycash have discerned long ago that Innovation is very important for development in our industry. Without innovation, enterprises have core competition force so cannot meet the market needs of clients. Therefore it is pertinent to secure and maintain a standard working environment which automatically, adds quality and precision to every work that we do. As we all know, “a well accommodated citizen is a more productive one” as a result, staff have the sustained ability to balance time with commitments and ensure the work gets the best of everything.

At Joeycash we are also fully aware that strong innovation ability is restricted by enterprise scale and strength, so we have in place, well equipped and standard factory site which is located at Ikorodu to cater for our projects development. Our Equipments, both Mobile and Fixed and other working tools are state of art and second to none. We have facilities that cover the different specialties of our working environment.

Generally, our fabrications are assembled at our factory in Ikorodu (Western Nigeria), and through our haulage department, heavy duty trucks ensure timely delivery of finished projects to our client’s sites which are in diverse locations in the Northern, Southern & Eastern parts of Nigeria.

Our Core business area is Engineering & Fabrication. In that light, we are a firm made up of a team of dedicated, loyal, professional and dynamic individuals who posses the top notch acumen to work in an environment that is dictated by the compulsive need to meet with deadlines and expectations of our numerous clients, that are drawn from the organized private sector, government, banks and other notable institutions. Joeycash Engineering has grown over the years to specialize in steel construction and fabrication and thus has become one of the preferred Engineering fabricating companies in Nigeria. It has also created a niche in the outdoor industry on account of its commitment to innovations and professionalism which is being reflected in the various projects executed Pan-Nigeria. Our unique products and services have helped to establish our position as a pacesetter in the outdoor advertising /engineering industry.

The firm has decided to identify with the evolving industry by providing first class structures and services that help companies transmit their intended messages to the outside world. We are a company built on the principles of providing reliable services to our prestigious clients and our diversified portfolio continues to grow through innovation and research with seasoned professionals and technical experts located within the different regions of the country. Importantly also, the adequate feedback we get from our clients has constantly helped us improve our production standards and caliber of the highly competent management and skilled labour personnel it employs.

We fabricate technological solutions to outdoor advertising that is always truly unique. At Joeycash, we set the highest quality standards and to achieve these standards, our strategy is to search for the most efficient processes. We are able to achieve this goal by building on own core competences and continually developing innovative products for our demanding customers both at home and abroad. Since the inception of this organization, our main aim has always been to deliver new and high quality products, adopting the current technology standards, and we are indeed living up to expectations.

Tailoring to your Business’s specific needs-

Joeycash  professional in-house engineering team and drafting staff create
specifications for custom design projects of various description. We listen close
ly to our customers to identify and create the mount solutions they need to
be successful.

Timely Response-

respond quickly to your service requests and inquiries.

Competitive Pricing-

Send us your project requirement, you will not be disappointed. We will take the competitive pricing head-on. You need a better price? Call us.

On Time Delivery-

Our mature technique and strict quality control as well as steady material suppliers ensure that we deliver on our deadlines promptly.

On-site assistance-

Our top engineers ensure they are on ground to guide the installation on site for all our solutions.

24/7 on-line service and good customer Relations-

Our people are always ready to offer 24/7 on-line service.